SCUT Alumni America Board Meeting Minutes (08/05/04)


Time: 7 pm ~ 9 pm, August 5, 2004

Location: Cadence’s Conference Room, San Jose

Attendee (12): Chuchu Chen, Jinsheng Xiao, Ning Song, Richard Huang, Rongzhang Guang, Science Chen, Steve Lin, Shiping Wang, Tim Wu, Tongjian Chen, Yongnan Xuan, and Zhihong Liu.

Asked for excused (7): Bob Hui, George Li, Jackson Zhu, Jingzheng Ouyang, Jiaqiang Wang, Lei Zou, and Ted Zeng

Absent (3): Imin Zeng, Tao Luo, and Wenfu Lo

The attendee discussed the following:



1.      Review action items indicated in last board meeting minutes

Most items indicated in last board meeting minutes have been closed. The unclosed items will be the action items from this meeting.

2.      Financial status

§         George did not receive the statement from the bank account.

§         The only expense since last board meeting is related to the new year party and web host fee of 6 months ($19.95 / month).

3.      Website activities

§         The new website functioned normally after changing host to Yahoo.

§         The website needs to be updated more frequently.

§         The alumni list on the website needs to include new alumni.

§         BBS is not working.

§         Post link to alumni’s website or information page.

4.      Moon Festival activities

§         Will have a Moon Festival party on September 25, 2004 at a park in Sunnyvale.

§         Budget: $300

§         Activities: Chinese riddles, card game, ball game, dinner, moon cake, …

5.      Involvement of local Chinese events

§         Participant local Chinese events if possible.

§         Selectively forward the email from local Chinese communities to alumni.

6.      Alumni email list handling

§         Can not be sold to any third party.

§         Can not be used for personal profit purpose.

§         Keep the Yahoo email account (2G, $20/year)




1.      Update the address book and Yahoo group email list. (Richard)

2.      Send out an email to inform our alumni that they can post a link to their website or information page. Donation is expected as return. Yahoo group email list can not be used for profit purpose. (Jinsheng)

3.      Website activities

§         Add links to alumni’s website or information page (Tim, Jackson).

§         Provide information for the website (All).

§         Add the links to alumni’s website or information page (Tim, Jackson).

§         Recover the BBS in new website (Ted).

§         Update website including alumni list, financial report, events, and announcements (Tim, Jackson).

4.      Change the bank statement address to George’s home address (Jackson, George)

5.      Prepare the Moon Festival Party

§         Reserve park (Steve)

§         Send notice and do head count (Jinsheng)

§         Order food and field preparation (Steve, Ted, and Science)

§         Buy gift, drink, and fruit (Shiping)

§         Provide Chinese riddle (Tongjian)

§         Decorating and audio system (Chuchu)

§         Take pictures (Tim)

§         Speech (Zhihong …)

§         Write party report (Ning)

6.      Send out a greeting email to the alumni before Christmas (Chuchu)

7.      Selectively forward the email from local Chinese communities to board member or all alumni (Ning Song, Shiping, and Jinsheng)