SCUT Alumni America Board Meeting Minutes (12/12/04)


Time: 10:30 pm ~ 2 pm, December 12, 2004

Location: Protego Networks, Sunnyvale

Attendee (15): Bob Hui, Chuchu Chen, George Li, Imin Lee, Jackson Zhu, Jiaqiang Wang, Jinsheng Xiao, Ning Song, Richard Huang, Rongzhang Guang, Steve Lin, Shiping Wang, Tim Wu, Tongjian Chenand, and Zhihong Liu.

Asked for excused (4): Jingzheng Ouyang, Science Chen, Ted Zeng, and Yongnan Xuan

Absent (3): Lei Zou, Tao Luo, and Wenfu Lo

The attendee discussed the following:



1.      Visit Protego Networks

The board meeting is held at Protego Networks, the company with the founder and CEO of our board member - Imin Lee. Imin toured the board members with exciting current status and bright future of the company.

2.      Address the requirement for board member to attend the board meeting

According to the “By Law” of SCUTAA, “A director who is absent from Board meetings for 3 times continuously is considered resigned from the board”. The resigned person will not be counted as a current director member.

3.      Review action items indicated in last board meeting minutes

Most items indicated in last board meeting minutes have been closed. The unclosed items will be the action items from this meeting.

4.      Financial status

§         Suggestions to keep long team financial healthy.

§         Donation is encouraged and will be collected during the alumni party. The name of the donors and the sum of donation will be updated in the website.

5.      Website activities

§         The new website is always on and improved with more updated information.

§         BBS should be the major tool for alumni to share information.

6.      Chinese New Year party activities

§         Will have a Chinese New Year party on February 13, 2005 at Chili Garden, Fremont.

§         Budget: $400

§         Activities: Family games, red envelop for children, lottery, lunch, …




1.      Website activities

§         Recover the BBS in new website (Ted, Jackson, Tim).

§         Have a presentation of how to use the BBS (Ted, Jackson, Tim).

§         Add information to BBS (all).

§         Provide information for the main pages of the website. The material should be ready for uploading (all, SCUT – Chuchu, Tongjian).

§         Update website at least quarterly including important news, events, announcements, alumni list, and financial report (Tim, Jackson).

2.      Prepare the Chinese New Year Party

§         Reserve restaurant (Shiping)

§         Send notice (Chuchu, with greeting email before Christmas)

§         Head count (Jinsheng)

§         Buy gift (Bob)

§         Decorating (Jiaqiang)

§         Take pictures (Tim)

§         Speech (Imin, …)

§         Write party report (Tongjian)

3.      Send out a greeting email to the alumni before Christmas (Chuchu)

4.      Update the finance status after Moon Festival in the website. (George)

5.      Change the bank statement address to George’s home address (George)

6.      Interview collections of our alumni (William)