SCUT Alumni America Board Meeting Minutes (8/7/05)


Time: 10:00 am ~ 1:30 pm, August 7, 2005

Location: Cadence Design System, San Jose

Attendee (13): Bob Hui, Chuchu Chen, George Li, Imin Zeng, Jingzheng Ouyang, Jinsheng Xiao, Ning Song, Rongzhang Guang, Shiping Wang, Steve Lin, Tim Wu, Tongjian Chen, and Zhihong Liu.

Asked for excused (6): Jackson Zhu, Jiaqiang Wang, Lei Zou, Richard Huang, Science Chen, and Yongnan Xuan

Absent without asking for excused (3): Tao Luo, Ted Zeng, and Wenfu Lo

Invited (2): Caijun Peng and James Ma

The attendee discussed the following:



1.      Bylaw modification

The board member discussed and agreed the following changes.

§         Formalize the name to “South China University of Technology Alumni, America Bylaw” so that it is consistent with the registered name.

§         Modify the mission statement.

§         Modify the requirement for a valid board meeting

2.      Board member re-election:

§         Finalized the re-election procedure.

§         Email will be used for voting.

§         Encourage having more new board member.

§         According to the Bylaw, a director who is absent from the Board meeting for 3 times consecutively is considered to have resigned from the board. The Board agrees that Tao Luo, Lei Zou, and Wenfu Lo are considered to have resigned.

§         The Board also agrees that by default, 19 of the current board members will be the candidates of the new Board unless he or she withdraws. The resigned board member can be nominated by other alumni or himself or herself for the new board.

3.      Imin’s visiting of SCUT in July 2005

Imin briefed her visiting of SCUT and the presentation she gave at SCUT. She suggested to SCUT that the alumni in the Bay Area might be a voluble resource for project evaluation and marketing.

4.      Review action items indicated in last board meeting minutes

Most items indicated in last board meeting minutes have been closed. Some unclosed items will be the action items from this meeting.

5.      Financial status

§         The finance balance is about $3000.

§         Donation is encouraged and will be collected during the alumni party.

6.      Website activities

Should look for an assistant to improve the SCUTAA website.

7.      Moon Festival party activities

§         Will have a Moon Festival party in early October when Secretary Liu of SCUT may visit US.

§         Party preparation group: Shiping Wang, George Li, and Caijun Peng.

8.      Support the activities of local Chinese associations

§         Support to form a Chinese University Alumni Associations in North California.

§         Participate the local Chinese community events.




1.      Bylaw modification (Ning Song)

2.      Board member re-election (Chuchu Chen, Jinsheng Xiao, and James Ma)

3.      Prepare the Moon Festival Party (Shiping Wang, George Li, and Caijun Peng)

4.      Communicate with SCUT regarding Secretary Liu’s visiting (Zhihong Liu)

5.      Post the message and the picture regarding the visit of the delegate from SCUT (Tim Wu)

6.      Update the finance status in the website. (George Li and Tim Wu)

7.      Tax exempt status and other ways for tax deductible donation (Steve Lin).