SCUT Alumni America Board Meeting Minutes (10/30/05)


Time: 4:00 pm ~ 6 :00 pm, October 30, 2005

Location: Cadence Design System, San Jose

Attendee (17): Bob Hui, Chuchu Chen, George Li, Helen Peng, Imin Zeng, James Ma, Jingzheng Ouyang, Jinsheng Xiao, Ning Song, Rongzhang Guang, Science Chen, Shiping Wang, Steve Lin, Ted Zeng, Tim Wu, Tongjian Chen, and Zhihong Liu.

Asked for excused (3): Jackson Zhu, Richard Huang, and Yongnan Xuan

Absent without asking for excused (1): Jiaqiang Wang


The attendee discussed the following:

1.      Relationship with SCUT alumni east coast

The board member discussed and agreed the following statements.

         Congratulate the forming of SCUT-USA.

         SCUT Alumni America and SCUT-USA are sister associations.

         SCUTAA will focus on serving the SCUT alumni in Greater Bay Area currently and look forward to serving the SCUT alumni in North America.

         SCUTAA would like to work with SCUT-USA to bring our interests and enthusiasm together for better serving SCUT alumni in America.

2.      Board election:

         Review board member voting results.

         Elect chairman, vice chairmen, and all functional groups. Detail assignment of the board member will be posted on website.

3.      Board functional groups responsibility:

         Secretary: communicate with SCUT and alumni, coordinate board meeting, maintain alumni address book, and draft modification of Bylaw.

         Member Service: organize activities.

         News: report SCUTAA activities, alumni, and SCUT; develop and maintain website.

         Public Relation: communicate with other associations and provide related information to our alumni.

         Finance: fond raising and bookkeeping.




1.      All functional groups to work out the items for better serving our alumni.

2.      Communicate with SCUT-USA for the member list issue (Jinsheng).

3.      Report to the Alumni Office of SCUT and Communicate with our honorary Chairmen, Mr. Choi and Mr. Chang, regarding the second term board functions. (Chuchu).