SCUT Alumni America Board Meeting Minutes (06/02/07)


Time: 10:00 am ~ 12:00 pm, June 2, 2007

Location: Cadence Design Systems, San Jose

Attendee (17): Chuchu Chen, Fangcan Mo, George Li, Haobin Zheng, Helen Peng, James Ma, Jacqueline Wu, Jinsheng Xiao, Ning Song, Richard Huang, William Guang, Science Chen, Shiping Wang, Steve Lin, Tim Wu, Zhibin Huang, and Zhihong Liu.

Asked for excused (3): Jackson Zhu, Tongjian Chen,  and Yongnan Xuan

Absent (4): Imin Lee, Jiaqiang Wang, Jingzheng Ouyang, and Ted Zeng

The attendee discussed the following:

  1. Activity Update after Last Gathering by Chuchu

Sent flowers for the funeral of Ms. Zhong Yu on behalf of SCUTAA. Zhong Yu received her BS and MS from SCUT in 1983 and 1986.

  1. Financial Status Update by George

2007 SCUTAA Chinese New Year Festival Party

Spent: ~ $500

Donation:  Imin Zeng $1,000, Zhihong Liu $1,000,

In the Donation Box from alumni $102

SCUTAA Account Balance: $3,757

  1. Web Project Update by Tim

         Joe Li and Xiangjiang Ma spent lot of time tried to setup a database for each SCUTAA member with free software. There are some functionality and compatibility issues of the software. More efforts are needed. 

         Click rate of increased from 100 to 200/month

         Uploaded reports and pictures for the related events:

Opening Ceremony of the 2006 Chinese Sport Event (Hua-Ti-Hui)

2006 Moon Festival joint with Zhong Da Alumni

Previous SCUTAA flag became an exhibit of Beijing Oversea Chinese Museum

Mr. Ming Hsieh C Our Most Successful Alumnus

50 Anniversary Celebration of SCUT

2007 Chinese New Year Party

Biography of Oversea SCUT Alumni Fangcan Mo

  1. Participating Hua Ti Hui ( Planning by Science

2007 Chinese Sport Event (Hua-Ti-Hui) open ceremony will be on August 11 and 12 (Saturday and Sunday) at James Logan High School, 1800H St., Union City , CA 94587. Game and registration time varies. For table tennis, registration deadline is 6/8/07 and game will be on 6/16 and 6/17/07. Some SCUT alumni have registered individual events. We should encourage more alumni to participate the team and individual events. 

  1. 2007 Moon Festival Party Planning by Shiping and Helen

SCUTAA will have a Moon Festival Party at a park in South Bay. Activities may include Chinese riddle, Chinese chess, jumping house, BBQ, moon cake, and others. Any suggestions are welcome.  It was suggested to start from 3 PM.

  1. Open Topics by Every Attendee

         Haobin Zheng: Add more activities using internet

We should use existing website for communication among alumni and post pictures and videos.

         Zhibin Huang: Buy a property for SCUTAA

Some Chinese Associations have their own property. The property will benefit the members. The founders of the foundation that own property will be remembered from generation to generation.  It may be a good idea to consider raising down payment from our alumni to purchase a property for our association.

         Fangcan Mo: What do you want to do when you retire

Mr. Mo authored a biography when he retired after living in Bay Area for about 20 years. This maybe the first published biography of an oversea SCUT alumnus. Traveling and talk to friends are his hobbies. You may find his articles about the places he visited.


         Jams Ma: Founding a profitable company in less than one year

Jams Ma is the CEO of ProPlus Design Solutions, which is a spin off of Cadence Design Systems. Working 13 hours a day is considered as normal for him. The company becomes profitable in less than one year. Zhihong Liu serves as the board chairman of ProPlus (


Action Items


1.      Website group (Tim, Haobin, Chuchu, ) to provide a proposal to enhance the communication tools.

2.      Hua Ti Hui event committee (Science, Shiping, Steve, Bob Hui, Jacqueline, Jinsheng, Fangcan, Haobin, and Zhibin)

      Open ceremony (Science and committee members) and event report (Jun and Fangcan)

      Photo (Science)

         Table tennis teams, other team events, and individual event registration and practice (Science and committee members)

    SCUTAA T-shirt design (Tongjian, Haobin, and Science)

    T-shirt order and carry back from Beijing (Zhihong and Richard)

    HuaTi Hui event financial sponsor proposal, Fund raising, reimbursement, award (Zhihong, Chuchu, George, Jinsheng, Science and, Haobin)


3.      Moon Festival party committee (Shiping, Caijun, Steve, Chuchu, Zhibin,  Fangcan, and Tongjian)

         Location and time selection



5.      James Ma will provide an audio system with microphone for SCUTAA events.

6.      Financial group to consider the feasibility of raising fund to purchase a property for SCUTAA.