SCUT Alumni America Board Meeting Minutes (8/10/08)


Time: 10:00 am ~ 1:30 pm, August 10, 2008

Location: Cadence Design System, San Jose

Attendee (14):, Chuchu Chen, Science Chen, Rongzhang Guang, Richard Huang, George Li, Steve Lin, Zhihong Liu, James Ma, Caijun Peng, Ning Song, Shiping Wang, Tim Wu, , Jinsheng Xiao, and Jackson Zhu

Asked for excused (3): Yongnan Xuan, Jingzheng Ouyang, and Tongjian Chen

Absent without asking for excused (3): Imin Zeng, Jiaqian Wang, and Ted Zeng,

Invited (9): Yi Cai, Haoliang Dong, Zhibin Huang, Bob Hui, Mingzhou Li, Bin Liu, Frank Mo, Kelvin Pong, and Yijian Shi

The attendees discussed the following:



1.      Board member re-election:

§         Website developed by Joe Li and Tim will be used for voting.

§         Election committee: Chuchu Chen, Yi Cai, Joe Li, Mingzhou Li, Tim Wu, and Jinsheng Xiao.  

§         Finalized the re-election procedure and timeline.


8/25/08 – Announce re-election with nominee list initiated at the Board meeting on 8/10/08.

8/25/08 to 9/7/08 - Self-nominate and/or nominate others. Please send resume and picture to

9/8/08 - Post resume and picture of all nominees on

9/9/08 – Announce all nominees and start voting.

9/18/08 - Voting ends, up to 21 candidates with the highest votes will be elected.

9/20/08 - Announce voting results at the Moon Festival Party (will send out Evite soon)


The following alumni have expressed the willingness to be the candidates.


Cai, Yi 蔡艺

Chen, Jun陈军

Chen, Saiyin (Science) 陈赛因

Guang, Rongzhang (William) 关荣漳

Huang, Zhibin 黄志斌

Hui, Heiming (Bob) 许曦明

Kuang, Hangyu 邝航宇

Li, Chiji (George) 李炽基

Li, Zhuogang (Joe) 李卓刚

Li, Mingzhou 黎明洲

Lin, Shi (Steve) 林仕

Liu, Bin 刘斌

Liu, Zhihong 刘志宏

Ma, Zhijian (James) 马志坚

Mo, Fangcan (Frank) 莫芳灿

Pong, Kelvin 庞敬均

Peng, Caijun (Helen) 彭彩君

Shi, Yijian 石益坚

Wang, Shiping 王世平

Wu, Tian (Tim) 吴天

Xiao, Jinsheng (Bert) 肖金生

Zhu, Yuesheng (Jackson) 朱跃生


The following board members have decided not to be the candidate based on their personal reasons, such as relocation and work load. They have dedicated great amount of energy and time for SCUT Alumni, and will continue to service SCUTAA as advisors.


Chen, Chuchu 陈楚楚

Chen, Tongjian 陈统坚

Huang, Zhiyang (Richard) 黄志洋

Lee, Zeng Yimin (Imin) 曾毅敏

Ouyang, Jingzheng 欧阳景正

Song, Ning 宋宁

Xuan, Yongnan 旋永南


2.      Financial status

§         The finance balance is about $5,000. It is $2,000 more than 3 years ago.

§         Donation from anyone is encouraged.


3.      Website activities

Should look for talent to enhance the SCUTAA web master team.

4.      Moon Festival party activities

§         Will have a Moon Festival party on 9/20/08 at Ortega Park in Sunnyvale, California.

§         Party planning committee: Shiping Wang, Helen Peng, Zhibin Huang, Bin Liu, Yi Cai and Steve Lin

§         Budget: $300 to $400



1.      Board member re-election (Election committee)

2.      Prepare the Moon Festival Party (Party planning committee)

3.      Update the finance status in the website. (George Li and Tim Wu)