SCUT Alumni America Board Meeting Minutes (10/18/08)


Time: 11:00 am ~ 1:00 pm, October 18, 2008

Location: Cadence Design Systems, San Jose

Attendee (14): Bob Hui, George Li, Helen Peng, James Ma, Bert Xiao, Jun Chen, William Guang, Science Chen, Shiping Wang, Steve Lin, Yijian Shi, Ally Cai, Zhibin Huang, and Zhihong Liu.

Asked for excused (6): Bin Liu, Frank Mo, Hangyu Kuang, Jackson Zhu, Mingzhou Li, and Tim Wu

Absent without asking for excused (1): Joe Li


The attendee discussed the following:

1.      Elected Board Chairman and Vice Chairmen

2.      Appointed Treasurer and General Secretary

3.      Defined Board Functional Group’s Responsibility:

§         Member Services: recruit new members, communicate with alumni, maintain alumni address book, and organize Spring Festival and Moon Festival parties.

§         Member Activities: organize activities.

§         News: report SCUTAA activities, alumni, and SCUT;

§         Public Relation: communicate with other associations and provide related information to our alumni.

§         Finance: fund raising and bookkeeping.

§         Web: develop and maintain website and email account.


4.      Board Functions:

Honorary Chairmen: 蔡建中, 张海明, 谢明

Advisors: Chen, Chuchu 陈楚楚,

Chen, Tongjian 陈统坚,

Huang, Zhiyang (Richard) 黄志洋,

Lee, Zeng Yimin (Imin) 曾毅敏,

Ouyang, Jingzheng 欧阳景正,

Song, Ning 宋宁,

Xuan, Yongnan 旋永南


Chairman: Liu, Zhihong 刘志宏


Executive Vice Chairman: Peng, Caijun (Helen) 彭彩君      


Vice Chairmen:

Chen, Saiyin (Science) 陈赛因,

Huang, Zhibin 黄志斌,

Hui, Heiming (Bob) 许曦明,

Lin, Shi (Steve) 林仕,

Wu, Tian (Tim) 吴天


Treasurer: Li, Chiji (George) 李炽基


Secretary General: Xiao, Jinsheng (Bert) 肖金生


Member Services: Huang, Zhibin 黄志斌,

Li, Mingzhou 黎明洲,

Shi, Yijian 石益坚,

Wang, Shiping 王世平


Member Activities: Chen, Saiyin (Science) 陈赛因,

Cai, Yi (Ally) 蔡艺,

Liu, Bin 刘斌


News: Hui, Heiming (Bob) 许曦明,

Guang, Rongzhang (William) 关荣漳,

Ma, Zhijian (James) 马志坚,

Mo, Fangcan (Frank) 莫芳灿


Public Relation: Lin, Shi (Steve) 林仕,

Hui, Heiming (Bob) 许曦明,

Zhu, Yuesheng (Jackson) 朱跃生


Finance: Liu, Zhihong 刘志宏,

Li, Chiji (George) 李炽基,

Kuang, Hangyu 邝航宇


Web: Wu, Tian (Tim) 吴天,

Cai, Yi (Ally) 蔡艺,

Chen, Jun陈军

Li, Zhuogang (Joe) 李卓刚




1.      The leader (first one in the list) of each functional group to send the action plan for next 12 months to Helen and Zhihong by 11/18/08.

2.      Helen to compile the action plan for next 12 months and send to Board members.

3.      Bert to setup SCUTAABoard group email account and send the contact information to the board members.

4.      Ally to maintain the alumni list.

5.      Web group to consider an email system other than Yahoo account for better communication.

6.      Bob to design a new business card for the board member.