SCUT Alumni America Board Meeting Minutes (8/21/09)


Time: 9:00 pm ~ 10:00 pm, August 21, 2009

Location: Dynasty Seafood Restaurant, Cupertino, CA

Attendee (12): William Guang, Zhibin Huang, Hangyu Kuang, Steve Lin, Bin Liu, Zhihong Liu, Frank Mo, Helen Peng, Yijian Shi, Shiping Wang, Tim Wu, Bert Xiao


The attendee discussed the following:

1.      Plan for 2009 Moon Festival Party

2.      Email account for SCUTAA




1.      Joint with Zhong Da is possible. (Steve Lin / Zhibin Huang)

2.      Select the time and location. Prefer 10/3 from 12 to 4 pm in a park of South Bay Area. (Steve Lin)

3.      Moon Festival party activities:

         Party coordinator: Zhibin Huang; Party reporter: Frank Mo

         Traditional Chinese riddle contest with prizes for winners (Frank Mo)

         Lucky draw (3 iPot Nano and others) (Zhibin Huang)

         BBQ / food trays / fruit (Bin Liu / Minhzhou Li / Ally Cai)

         Moon cakes (Shiping Wang)

         Sports (Science Chen)

         Others (Balloons and bubble blower, Bahe κ,  chess, )

4.      Fee: $10 for adult; $5 for kid and senior; under 5 free.