SCUT Alumni America Board Meeting Minutes (6/1/11)


Time: 7:00 pm ~ 9:00 pm, June 1, 2011

Location: ProPlus Design Solutions Inc. Conference Room, San Jose, CA

Attendee (15): Science Chen, William Guan, Zhibin Huang, Bob Hui, George Li, Joe Li, Mingzhou Li, Steve Lin, Bin Liu, Zhihong Liu, James Ma, Helen Peng, Tim Wu, Yijian Shi, and  Bert Xiao


The attendee discussed the following:

1.    Outstanding alumni nomination

Nominee: Haiming Chang (张海明)Ming Hsieh (谢明)Heiming Hui (许曦明)Imin Lee (曾毅敏)Shi Lin (林仕) Zhihong Liu (刘志宏)Zhijian Ma (马志坚)and Yuesheng Zhu (朱跃生).


2.    Outstanding alumni interview

SCUTAA will sponsor $2,000 and help to coordinate the interview of outstanding alumni nominee by the exchange students of UC Riverside.

3.    Fund raising

The current balance of SCUTAA is about $8,000. Suggest to do fund raising to support the following activities.

·     SCUTAA 10-year anniversary celebration

·     Outstanding alumni nominee  interview

·     SCUTAA gatherings

·     SCUT 60-year anniversary celebration

4.    Board re-election

·         Start the process after this board meeting.

·         Re-elect the board members by this autumn.


5.    501(C) tax-exempt association

·         Get 501(C) tax-exempt status is SCUTAA’s goal.

·         Will need a group of alumni’s long term commitment to maintain the status.


6.    Professor Ouyang’s issue

Thank SCUT for the prompt response to our expression of Professor Ouyang’s retirement issue.




1.    Coordinate outstanding alumni interview (Stone)

2.    Draft fund raising letter (Bert) and prepare fund raising activities (Board)

3.    Draft SCUT board member re-election notice (Bert) and search for new board members (Board)

4.    Board member voting program test and review (Tim)

5.    501(C) tax-exempt association application (Steve)

6.    Send a memorial letter of  Yongnan Xuan to his family and SCUT (George)