Dear Alumni,

The newly elected Alumni Board had its first meeting on August 18, 2002,
immediately after the forming meeting of SCUT Alumni Silicon Valley Chapter.

In the board meeting, Chairman and Vice Chairpersons of the Board were
generated and several working groups were formed. The organization of the
board is as follows:

Chairman: Zhihong Liu
Vice Chairpersons: Jingzhen Ouyang, Yongnan Xuan, Shiping Wang, Chuchu Chen
Secretary General: Richard Huang
Finance: Jackson Zhu (group members: George Li, Science Chen)
Public Relation: Bob Hui (group members: Tao Luo, Steve Lin, Science Chen)
Web Development: Ted Zeng (group members: Lei Zou)
Administration: Ning Song (group members: Bert Xiao, Imin Zeng)
Event: Shiping Wang (group members: Richard Lo, Science Chen)

After this meeting, the board has been working on the following issues:

1) Contact SCUT regarding our forming and write a newsletter in Chinese
about our forming.
        - Responsible person: Chuchu Chen
        - Status: Done. Please see our newsletter posted at:

2) Registration, bank account and foundation setup. The address of  Celestry
Design Technologies, Inc. will be used as our registration address.
        Responsible persons: Shi Lin (,
                               Jackson Zhu (,
                               Ning Song (
        - Deadline: End of 2002

3) Web development, IT infrastructure: move our web site to a better hosting
and add more features.
        Responsible person: Ted Zeng (
        Status: On going

4) Fund raising: so far we have recived a total of $5,435.00 donation. The
current balance is $718.36 cash and $4,000 in check. We need to raise more
fund for our infrastructure setup and future activities.
        Responsible persons: (Public Relation Group)
                               Bob Hui (,
                               Steve Lin (,
                               Science Chen (,
                               Tao Luo (

5) SCUT 50th Anniversary Celebration
     This is our most exciting and urgent item. We plan to prepare a
collection of academic papers and patents for the Anniversary Celebration.
Gifts including a silicon wafer with frame, photo/video, etc. will be
presented to SCUT. A group of our alumini will be heading to Guangzhou to
attend the celebration activities in November, 2002. Please contact Chuchu
Chen if you have paper/patent to be contributed to the collection or if you
are interested in joining the tour to Guangzhou.
        - Responsible person: Chuchu Chen (
        - Editor of the collection: Bob Hui (,
                                    Zhihong Liu (,
                                    George Li (,
                                    Lei Zou (,
                                    Steve Lin (
        - Cover and binding of the collection: Chuchu Chen (
        - Silicon wafer with frame: Richard Lo (
        - Photo/Video: Science Chen (,
                       Bob Hui (
        - Status: Done.
        Tour to SCUT: Chuchu Chen (

Future alumni activities were discussed in the meeting and will be announced
soon. Stay tuned.


SCUT Alumni Silicon Valley Chapter Board