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Nov. 19, 2006, one Sunday of the month length event of anniversary for South China University of Technology. Maybe itís just another day for most of the students there. But itís definitely a very special day for those who left the school for many years and now come back to such a familiar but totally renovated campus.









This yearís anniversary, while not one of those biggest, still has many different activities through out the whole November. The general alumni association meeting was held at the 11th floor of the brand new science building named after the father of our honorary Chairmen -- Mr. Cohi. Itís really a nice building artistically combined an ancient chinese exterior with a modern minimalist interior.More than hundred alumni from everywhere of the globe attended the meeting. The spacious square in front of the building was then turned into a parking lot for the guests.






First, Secretary Liu shared with us the achievements of the school and the challenges itís facing. Then many alumni gave speeches to discuss about the direction of the education and the alumni affairs. I also took a chance to introduce our association and offer the school the greetings from all of our alumni in US. After the meeting, knowing that I am representing Zhihong and our US association, many alumni came over to chat with me. Among them, one of our alumni is now the Secretary of Heyuan Municipal CPC Committee (广东省河源市委书记) Ė Liang Weifa, who is devoting into the developing of a cell phone manufacture base center for Canton. He encouraged all of our alumni in US to bring technology and investment back to our hometown.


大会现场 (摄于会后)







Later in the day, together with Secretary Liu and Mr. Choi, we visited the new electronic museum located on the second floor of the building. The museum was donated by our alumni Mr. Liang Wei who is now the CEO of TECSUN electronic Inc. He collected almost all generations of radio sets in the world and what presented in the museum provide a very good historical tour of the radio and wireless technology. And then was the photo taking section and a very nice, hotel level, buffet lunch.








In the afternoon, many other alumni went to visit the new Huang-Pu campus. Yes, there are new SCUT campuses one after another. I was told that it's very beautiful. It's not hard to believe. Even the old campus is wonderful enough for me to spend more time there. I decided to stay. I strongly recommend you all to go back and spent some time in every corners of the campus. Putting those old memories against the renovated, remodeled, garden like campus is really a very enjoyable thing.






At 3pm, I had another commitment with my EE department and the Radio Enthusiasm Association. I was invited to be the judge for their electronic design contest. It's also one of the events for the anniversary. I was honored to sit side by side with Mr. Liang Wei and had a chance to chat with him a lot. Mr. Liang is also graduated from our EE department, just 10 years earlier then me. The contest is very successful and I had to admit they did a much better job in organizing the event than we could do before. It truly shows the advance of our schoolís education level and the studentís quality level.After the contest, I also spent quite sometime to chat with the members of the association. Looking at them, I am seeing my own shadow almost twenty years ago. Just they did ask deeper questions than I could do in that age.

电子博物馆的捐赠者 - 德生电子总裁梁伟先生







There are still many corners of the campus I wish I had time to take a look again. There are also many changes that I did not have enough time to see or feel. Guess itís never enough. Just here to share with all of our dear alumni.


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Reported and pictured by Tim Wu, 2006 Nov.



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