SCUTAA is planning to participate in Hua-Ti-Hui as a group. You are encouraged to register as a member of SCUTAA.

One of the registration due dates for Ping-Pong is 6/8/07 and we have formed a Ping-Pong team today. Our board member, Science Chen is in charge of this. If you wish to join the team, please contact Science at ASAP.   





Olympic 2008 in Beijing will be coming next year.  Let’s do something to celebrate that.

1. Hua-Ti-Hui ping-pong event registration:

We formed 3 SCUTAA ping-pong teams (one of them is woman's team) for Hua-Ti-Hui ping-pong tournament on the next weekend (06/17/07 for team event).

You can also register for yourself (06/08/07 TOMORROW is the last day for the ping-pong event registration) to participate the individual event for the single or double ping-pong tournament (06/16/07 for single event).

Here is the summary for how to participate as individual player for single event:

1) Fill out the "Single Events Entry form" and mail it back no later than tomorrow with the registration fee (singles $8, doubles $16).  Please put the correct "events #".

2) Form can be downloaded from the URL below:

3) We can reimburse the registration fee for you if you register as SCUTAA member.  You can put SCUTAA ("华南理工大学校友会") in the "group" field ("所属团体", at the middle location of the form).  Please bring a copy of your form with you at Hua-Ti-Hui opening ceremony or mid-autumn festival party for reimbursement purpose.

We also have a SCUTAA T-shirt uniform (special designed for this Hua-Ti-Hui) for our alumni member who participate the competition event or join us at opening ceremony on 08/11.

2. Hua-Ti-Hui events and our committee:

Other than the ping-pong tournament, you can also participate those events in the following months before 08/11/07.  Let us know so we can try to help or form the team to represent our SCUTAA.  You are welcome to contact me or any one of our Hua-Ti-Hui (NCCAF) event committee alumni:

Wang ShiPing (
Steve Lin (, our ping-pong team lead)
Bob Hui (, our tennis team lead)
Jacqueline Wu (
Xiao JinSheng (
Mo FangCan (
Zheng HaoBin (, our tennis team lead)
Huang ZhiBin (, our ping-pong team lead)
and I myself (

Here is the brief schedule summary (check for detail information):

Table Tennis: 6/16,17
Martial Art: 6/10
Basketball: 7/15,21,22
Volleyball: 6/30,7/1
Soccer: 8/11,12
Swimming: 8/11
Glassland Volleyball: 8/11
Tug-A-War: 8/11,12
Fun Games: 8/11,12
Tennis: 8/11,12
Track & Fields: 8/12
Kara-Ok: 8/11,12
Opening: 8/11

3. Regular sport activity meet:

So far we have various regular sport events such ping-pong, tennis, badminton, and weekend golf meet.  Irregular events, such as winter skiing trip or Karaoke are also organized.  If you are interested in any of those events and want to be in our mailing list, please drop me a reply with your location information.  I can send you back with the detail event information (time, location, and other member's contact information).  You can be either an active participants on these events or just receive information passively from the e-mail.

Let us know if you have any better idea or suggestion about the event organization.

Below is the photo URL for our last board meeting, the first Hua-Ti-Hui pong-pong team practice last weekend, and the Memorial Day golf meet in Bodega Harbor (with some other ZhongDa and Tsing Hua alumni friends):