Moon Light Festival Party


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On October 7, SCUT Alumni Association and Zhongshan University Alumni Association held a joint party at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont.  Around 110 friends and families of SCUT alumni and 60 friends and families of Zhongshan University Alumni attended the party.






The party started around 5 pm. Besides food, drink and Moon-cake, the party also had Riddle and lucky gift draw. As a Chinese traditional activity, riddle game attracted friends and families from children to seniors. They enjoyed the riddle game and admired the wonderful hand writing and drawing from Prof. Tongjian Chen. Some lucky attendees won not only riddle games but also lucky gifts. Mr. Rollin Yi, head of Zhongshan University Alumni Association, sponsored $300 for the lucky gifts.


SCUTAA’s special guest, Mr. Ming Hsieh came all the way from Los Angeles. Chairman Zhihong Liu announced the Board’s decision to invite Mr. Ming Hsigh to be the Honorary Chairman of SCUTAA. He also awarded Mr. Ming Hsieh the Most Successful Alumnus.

Ming Hsieh gave a speech.  Ming Hsieh attended SCUT in 1977.  He founded Cogent Inc. in 1990.  Cogent is the world leading provider of automated fingerprint identification systems.  Cogent implemented complex fingerprint recognition algorithms in ASIC.  Cogent went IPO in 2004.  Mr. Hsieh was ranked 198 among The 400 Richest Americans in 2005 by Forbes, and ranked 562 among The World's Richest People in 2006 by Forbes.  In his speech, Mr. Hsieh said that he did not know that automated fingerprint identification technology would be so challenging, neither did he anticipate that Cogent would be so successful, when he founded Cogent 16 years ago.  He went through all kinds of challenge.  The market turned favoring Cogent after 9.11.  Mr. Hsieh also answered some alumni’s questions.



Many alumni and their families had helped to make this evening enjoyable to us. They are: Shiping Wang, Helen Peng, Tongjian Chen, Jinsheng Xiao, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Zhu, Dennis Zhu, Rongzhang Guan, Silin Sa, Suyi Wu, Chiji Li, Warren Qi, Zhijian Ma, Tian Wu, Jun Chen. They deserve applause. Thanks to every one of them!


SCUTAA appreciates the generous donation from SCUT alumni.  Special appreciation to our Chairman Zhihong Liu and Vice Chairman Imin Zheng! Each of them donated $1000 to support SCUTAA. 



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(Jun Chen, SCUTAA)