Celebration of 10th Anniversary of Hong Kongs Return to China

By Haobin Zheng



Invited by Consulate General-China in San Francisco on 06/22/2007, UCAA sent a delegate team to attend celebration of 10th Anniversary of HongKong's Return to China.


SCUTAA, Board member of UCAA, sent two alumni (Science Chen and Haobin Zheng) to attend the event. After Consul Geeral Peng Keyu gave a keynote speech, he briefly interviewed various participants including UCAA. During the interview, James Junzhao Lei, Chairman of UCAA, introduced each school's representative.


James also brought up Peng's awareness of the UCAA's role as an interface of Silicon Valley Chinese alumni and introduced the organization and history of UCAA ("United Chinese Alumni Association").


Here are more photos from Science.