Mr. Ming Hsieh –– our Most Successful Alumnus



In our Mid-autumn Festival party, the board of SCUTAA invited Mr. Ming Hsieh to be our Honorary Chairman and honored him as the Most Successful Alumnus. See our party report for more detail.


CEO of Cogent Systems, Mr. Hsieh (Cai Ming) studied in SCUT class 60477 and founded Cogent in 1990. Cogent is now the world’s leading supplier of integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System solutions.


From TECHNEWS:  Ming Hsieh Makes Record Donation To USC



More About Cogent Systems Inc.

Cogent Systems, Inc. is the world's leading supplier of reliable,
high-speed and fully integrated automated palm and fingerprint
identification solutions. From advanced law enforcement identification
systems to real-time border control systems to web-based identification
solutions to hand-held and complete biometric identification systems on
a single chip, Cogent Systems offers the most accurate, most reliable
and most cost-effective identification systems available today.
Headquartered in South Pasadena, California, Cogent has offices in
Washington, D.C.; London, Ohio; London, England; Vienna, Austria and
Taipei, Taiwan. More information on Cogent Systems, Inc. can be accessed
via the Company web site at


Mr. Ming Hsieh’s bio: